Pastor of Community Life - employment opportunity

Lakeview Heights Baptist Church is seeking God’s leading for the hiring of a full time staff position, Pastor of Community Life.

Our search committee can be contacted at

Job Description – Pastor Of Community Life


The Pastor of Community Life is to be a person of God, who has ordered their life in compliance with the teaching of Scripture as stated in I Timothy 3:1-7.


To develop the community life of LHBC through leadership development, assimilation of new people, development and implementation of value added courses and activities and promotion of the church and its’ ministries. This full-time position will be primarily focused on growing/strengthening connections, through life groups.


1. Have demonstrated gifts and experience in community outreach and/or relationship building;

2. Be of charismatic persona, be forward thinking with respect to media and technology, and be

adaptable to change in order to move growth goals along.

3. Must evidence the biblical pastoral qualifications (Titus 1:6-9; I Timothy 3:1-7), heartily agree to the Constitution and By-Laws and the Doctrinal Statement of Lakeview Heights Baptist Church and believe that God has truly called them into the ministry;

4. Minimum of a Bachelor degree of Biblical or Religious Studies preferred with a focus on community, social interaction and/or leadership.

5. Have mentoring skills.

6. Have strong communication skills with ability to preach when called upon.


This ministry will concentrate in the following areas. It is understood that it may also involve other pastoral and administrative duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor. The Pastor of Community Life:


Life Group Ministries:

1. Overall leadership and accountability, including vision casting, strategic planning, curriculum management and evaluation.
2. Oversee recruitment and development of Life Group Leaders.
3. Ensure the integration of all interested individuals (seekers to mature believers) into Lakeview’s Life Group Ministries.
4. Encourage outreach and the integration of seekers within the context of Lakeview’s Life Group Ministries.

Fellowship committee:

Provide leadership to the fellowship committee. Areas of responsibility include special events (Banquets, New Comer Luncheon, etc.), kitchen committee, caring coordinator.
1. Serves as a pastoral representative to the Fellowship committee
2. Initiates development of Fellowship Committee vision and strategic planning

Seniors Ministries:

1.To recruit and maintain a Seniors Ministry Committee.
2.To encourage and support the Senior Ministry Committee to provide a well-rounded senior adult program. Activities are planned to help the senior adult develop spiritually, emotionally, socially, mentally and physically.

Women’s and Men’s Ministries:

1. To recruit and maintain Women’s and Men’s ministries leadership teams.
2. To encourage and support these teams to provide gender specific activities that will contribute to the growth of fellowship among men and among women.


1.To initiate and coordinate all strategies and programs that assimilates new people to LHBC into the regular life of the church, including visitation.
2.To initiate and coordinate the education, recruitment and receiving of new members into the membership of LHBC.

Value Added Courses

1. To initiate and coordinate all additional courses and helpful seminars in various areas of both life skill and Christian discipleship (i.e. Stewardship, spiritual gifting, parenting, grief recovery etc.)
2. To initiate and coordinate Sharing Life at Home events.


1. To develop and implement a system for Spiritual gifts identification and implementation.
2. To develop and implement ongoing leadership development.

Spiritual Gifts Required for Position

The Pastor of Community Life Ministries must exhibit the spiritual gifts of:
– administration and leadership
– and other gifts that enhance his/her ability as leader/equipper are desirable

Skills Required to Fulfill Position

The Pastor of Community Life:
– is self-motivated
– is vision driven
– sets clear short and long term ministry goals in reference to Lakeview’s corporate vision
– implements strategies to achieve these goals
– communicates and motivates effectively
– develops team concepts creating common purposes and goals
– displays maturity, flexibility and sensitivity in dealing with others.


Evaluation and accountability of the position:

The Pastor of Community Life is directly accountable to the Senior Pastor, and through the Senior Pastor, accountable to the Board of Deacons. This accountability is maintained with the Senior Pastor through regular personal meetings, corporate staff meetings and written reports, as necessary. The Pastor of Community Life works effectively and in cooperation with the Fellowship committee. He coordinates his work with those pastors whose areas of ministry are impacted by his.

There will be a yearly evaluation conducted on the basis of the Job Description. The Pastor of Community Life, the Deacon Board or Senior Pastor may initiate a change to the job description. The job description may be altered as agreed by the Deacon Board, Senior Pastor and the Pastor of Community Life.

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You can also download this job description.