Hohn2017Picture-Circle-smCalvin and Susanne Hohn
Field Administration and Discipleship
NAB has been working in the country of Cameroon since the 1930’s and has helped birth the Cameroon Baptist Convention that now has over 1,000 churches, two seminaries, 68 primary schools and six hospitals, along with 52 health centers. The primary focus of the NAB’s work with the CBC is in advanced Medical training, Theological Education and Missionary Children Education.


Walter and Florence Grob

Financial Administration

Walter and Florence minister in Cameroon as career missionaries.  Walter’s responsibilities include the position of Comptroller for the Cameroon Baptist Convention, a huge organization and responsibility.

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Paul and Tanya GerickePaul and Tanya

Camp Falcon Rock – Camp Ministry

In 2014 the NAB formalized a ministry agreement to aid the Hungarian Baptist Conference of Romania in the development of Camp Falcon Rock. Paul and Tanya are working together for the construction of a ministry center that be instrumental in developing the next generation of Christian leaders for this country. Find Out More At:




RussRostov_circleia Bible School Ministry   

In partnership with Moscow Theological Seminary NAB missions trains pastors for vocational ministry in ten different locations across Russia.  Many of these men and women are already pastoring without the training necessary for sustainable ministry.  They also come from impoverished areas with little or no financial support to sustain their families.  Yet, they minister in faith.  They come to the Bible School to earn a degree in a condensed, one-year format so as to minimize the cost, reduce the impact on their family life, and to ease the burden on their churches that are often without a pastor during this time.  Qualified North American Bible teachers and professors do the teaching through translators, on their own time, and at their own expense.  The Bible School is organized and facilitated by Gary Clatterbuck.  He coordinates the activities and personnel of the schools.  We are glad to be supporting this mission work, the growing hunger for God and the growing zeal of the evangelical Christian church in Russia, often in the face of much resistance if not persecution.

Seeds Of Hope Children’s Ministry – John and Susan Chalkias

Beginning with the first Seeds of Hope home in Thailand, John and Susan Chalkias have been involved in bringing aid to children in several countries. Their biggest projects are in Ndola, Zambia. The Buseko Children’s Home is the first and currently the only Home in Zambia specifically for HIV/AIDS affected or infected children. To ensure that the children have a good education and the tools to succeed in life they have built their own school; Grace Academy continues in this innovative and pioneering ministry. Grace Academy is the only boarding school in the world today that caters specifically to HIV/AIDS affected or infected children. They are able to provide excellent medical care and antiretroviral therapy (ARV’s) for all their HIV positive children. The vision is to raise leaders and the way to do this is through education and opportunity. Their aim is to save the lives of children by the care provided and to give sustainable hope for the children and their communities by the programs put in place.


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