KidsQuestLogo2_color_medLakeview is endeavoring to provide a well rounded ministry to  children in our church and community.  Our vision is to provide a safe, fun, age appropriate learning environment for children where they have the opportunity to hear of and experience God’s love for them, and to grow into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  Our Sunday morning events have this important focus:


So, you’re at home, so are we, while that means we aren’t meeting together at the church building for our kid’s program, that doesn’t mean we can’t engage our children with what they would have learned at Church this week. Below are resources to help you share at home and connect as a family around God’s word. First a quick refresher of some labels:


Pre K

Square 1

Square 1 is the D6 material which is used for our Pre-K class (ages 2.5-5ish). Square 1 uses the same monthly themes as the older grades, but will differ from them week to week in the lesson specifics.


K / Grade 1

Adventure Kids

Adventure Kids is the D6 material used in our Kindergarten and Grade 1 class. It follows a lot more closely to the Explorers curriculum, but is aimed at a younger age group.


Grades 2 - 6


Explorers is the D6 material for our grade 2 - 6 class.

google_playappTo take things further, consider downloading the D6 Family app from either the Google or Apple app stores. It has a pile of ways to engage in the material as a family. Also, because of the virus creating housebound families, they’re giving away even more goodies than normal. It’s all free, and it’s all good. Find it here:

Google Store      iTunes

If you’re looking to have your own kids worship session at home, here are a few of the songs we have done as part of our Kid’s Worship sessions.

Raise the Game

God of Science

River of Life

Life with You

King of Me




Today is the Day

Ask, Seek, Knock

Rainbows in the Sky

Old Testament