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We’re nearing VBS once again, so let me introduce you to VBS 2020: Focus. There are some big changes for this year.

  1. Instead of gathering at the church, we’re meeting in homes. Each morning there will be a little over an hour of content available to stream into your home. The video will include music, memory verse instruction, a Bible story, and more.
  2. Invite whoever you like to join you in your home. You may have been keeping your bubble small and only want to do VBS with your kids, and that’s great. This will help you have your kids focus on Jesus. Or maybe, you’ve expanded your bubble to include cousins, or neighbours. That’s great, invite whoever is in your bubble to join you.
  3. There’s an asterisk after those dates. Here’s the thing, we’re all at different places this year, and we want this VBS experience to work for you. While the content will be available for the first time that week, we’re leave it up through the summer if we can. It may work better for you to do this in August, and that’s okay. The point is that we want you to help kids focus on Jesus, not focus on a particular week of July.
  4. You register up as a site host not an individual participant. When you register please tell us how many you expect at your site to help us meet the requirements of the point below.
  5. There’s more than just a video to watch each day. At VBS weeks in the past, we love to make crafts, play games and do some hands on stuff. We’ve got a couple ideas of how to still make that happen, but we’ll need the help of site hosts. We could do this in one of two ways: (1) you can source what is needed, or (2) I would love to drop off a package of items on your door step (I can even do contactless delivery). If you would like option 2, it becomes important to know how many kids you will have.
  6. You have a fun week, in your neighbourhood, shining a light for Jesus.

To sign up as a site host, fill in the form below